Azzura is a world-renowned private club established in 1977. We arrange a highly discreet and confidential service for those who value their privacy and security. 

The list of our main services can be found on however we can bespoke most scenarios to any Member’s exact needs.

If you value your personal well-being and privacy above all else then you are attuned to our philosophy.

We are committed to ensuring total confidentiality for all of our Members as part of our core philosophy.

Therefore, we will never disclose the identity of any of our Members, nor management of the Club.

Azzura [azzura]

noun – ‘sky-blue’

Beautifully gracing our brand palette, the colour blue is synonymous with Azzura. It represents the transition from the sea to the sky, where your only limit is your imagination.

Our Members include a diverse range of individuals, all of whom share the same principles towards their private lives.

We have spent the last four decades working with a wide spectrum of wealthy individuals starting at £500 million to multi-billionaires.



Please get in touch to learn about our Membership fees, as this is a matter only to be discussed with serious prospective Members.

Membership fees assist in the operating costs involved in running and managing the Club. Our modus operandi is very unique, and differs from the standard ‘private members club’ model. We operate similarly to a fine Neapolitan tailor – wherever our Members are situated in the world, our management team will rendezvous with them in-person in order to fine-tune their services, ensuring Azzura always goes above and beyond expectations. Instead of attending a physical club, we are the club which comes to you.

Not only does this allow us to understand our Member’s passions and desires, but it also assists in ensuring that the highest levels of discretion are maintained.

Yes, as of May 2022 all new Members are expected to pay the one-off initiation fee for joining the Club.

Please note that this fee includes an exclusive initiation package, as part of your welcoming into Azzura. Further details on the initiation package can be requested at the time of application.

Each new applicant will require a letter of support from an existing Member or under special circumstances, invitation from the Club’s Director.
All applicants are required to complete our KYC form.
We accept wire transfer and cash. Complete discreet payment can be made via our secure cryptocurrency wallet.
We do not accept credit card or over the phone payment.
Simply write a letter stating the reasons and we can hold your membership until an agreed activation time.

Absolutely. New Members are often allocated a membership through referral on a word-of-mouth basis.

Should you wish to refer someone to the club, please get in touch and we will discuss the benefits of this with you.



Unfortunately not.

As a Club we are committed to serving the interests and needs exclusively of our Members.

Over the last four decades, we have dealt with Members from a diverse range of backgrounds. We form long-lasting relationships with all Members, hence why many of those who joined us in our inception in 1977 continue to stay with us to this day.

Because we have operated in this industry for so long, we have also been able to build strong relationships with like-minded individuals and brands who also share our philosophy. Our Club services reflect this sentiment, and all offerings have been tried and tested countless times.

Maintaining the privacy and discretion of our Members, as well as all guests in attendance at our events remains to be a priority.

In accordance with our philosophy, we staunchly protect all identities, and part of this endeavour is our in-house close protection operatives who are committed to ensuring not only the physical safety of our guests, but their privacy too.

Please contact your personal membership manager, who will arrange for the team to fly out to visit you and discuss this in further detail in-person.

Absolutely. We understand our Members may not wish to make arrangements on their personal yachts for discretion purposes, and we are happy to accommodate accordingly.

We work closely with our trusted charter partners to secure our Members the most suitable option for any events or private parties.

If you believe you would benefit from our membership & the services we provide, please submit an enquiry.

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